Flyer Beat Definition: Cyberpunkers
Open Doors: 

Die Cyberpunkers sind zurück - pünktlich zu unserem 47. Geburtstag!

After ten years of madness, SkinFake decides to leave the band. KenKode finds a new member, KeepHout, which
since 2019 joins the new version of Cyberpunkers v.4.0. They have new masks and a redesigned powerful sound.
The Cyberpunkers, in their own way, have captured what Cyberpunk is in the modern era, and, through their
performances at some of the world’s most famous clubs/festivals they’ve become an international name, one which
has helped define the crossover between contemporary sounds and an unforgiving, upfront musical mentality.
The masked look which they’ve donned since the beginning has also propelled them as an act with a unique identity,
something that is a fundamental part of each one of their sonic offerings.
The originality of their shows is also a stand out part of their dynamic, with the use of two consoles at once,
powered by several audio machines, captivating fans over an era.
As Cyberpunkers v4.0, from January 2019 they have already released several new singles.
Those tunes have been included in the suitcases of influencers DJs and important playlists.
For the next future, they have scheduled a lot of new tunes and videoclips.
The Cyberpunkers are hyped to start again for new crazy tours, proposing a new boosted and explosive show!


check it out!