Welcome you to Germany, Ilmenau, and most of all: BD CLUB! Inform on how to party during the most crazy week in Ilmenau right here!

Friday, May 31: BD Ready LEDition – Deep House, Tech House and Techno await you. Joined by a special visual highlight.

Saturday: Indiecredible Rockstars – Indie, Indietronic, Rock and Britpop! Shouldn't miss that, right?

Sunday: Yabba Dabba Du! Yeah, that's not really a German word. What it means is: Sunday is Drum'n'Bass Day!

Monday: Bierbörse/Beer Stock Exchange. Tonight we're talking beer. Together with bc club, we provide you with beer, Beer and BEER!

Tuesday: Dancing YOUth – Time for a quiet night in? Sorry, then you've missed a night dancing to Progressive House. Second thoughts?

Wednesday: Blazin Decks stands for a group of DJs giving you all they've got. You like HipHop? We know where you're going tonight!

Thursday: Original Bavarian Breakfast & Oktoberfest – come on, admit it! This German tradition is what you've come to Ilmenau for. Starts at breakfeast time, ends... not really.

Friday, June 7: Elektrostimulation – "Raving all over the world, Hans-Peter" – he's a close friend to Hans-Jürgen. And you know Hans-Jürgen, don't you? Then we're waiting for you to rave by on ISWI's last Friday!

Saturday: To randomness and beyond." The Grand Finale.

See you at BD CLUB.